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BM -USRA Mini Pro 4.6k PL        $850/day

E-Image tripod, 2 Batts, 2 138GB CF, cards, top handle.

Sony F3                                        $250/day

GoPro Hero 4  (w64GB card)         $30/day

GoPro Hero 4 w/Ribcage              $ 60/day

(ask about what lenses are available)

3 Axis handheld Gimble for hero   $50/day

GoPro Rigging Kit                         $ 30/day

3DR SOLO drone w/operator       $850/day

Camera Accessories :

E-Image tripod,  Batts, 2 138GB CF, cards, top handle.Matte Box, 32gb SxS cards, SD cards, Follow Focus w/ crank and whip, Nikkon adapter, 1 nikkor zoom, and basic tools, on cam LED eye light

- call for pricing


NIKKOR LENS KIT                     $100/day

16, 24, 35, 50, 85, 105, 135, 40-75zoom 


UNDERWATER cam Housings     Call


Kenya Labs K6 Gyro                    $200/day


Advanta lite 16' hydraulic Jib      $250/day


Various Dollies                             Call


Slider                                           $30/day












HONDA 2k Genny                          $100/day

Strand 2k Baby Junior                   $  60/day

Mole 1k Baby (2)                            $ 40/day


DEDO light kit (3)                            $100/day

Photflex 750 softbox                   $  35/day

Kino Diva 400                                $  70/day


LITEPANNEL Brick                          $ 40/day


C-Stands (2)                                   $ 10/day


Light stands (5)                               $  5/day


Clamps kit (6)                                  $ 20/day


Set Box                                          Call

Crate of Mixed stingers (3-25', 3-50', 1-100')


GREEN & BLUE SCREENS            Call





UHF Wlakie Talkies (12)            $6/ea./Day
COFFEE Urn                            $  5/week
Kelty Sun Trap                          $ 15/week   

RODE NGT 3 short Shotgun

RODE Digital wireless Lavs (2)

XLR Cables


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